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Review: Camp Myth – The Summer Camp for Young Mythological Creatures

Review: Camp Myth – The Summer Camp for Young Mythological Creatures

Camp Myth is a summer camp, but it’s a summer camp for very special youngsters. It’s for young mythological creatures. Not much in the way of crafts and knot tying here, you will however, learn how to train a Chimera, or fish for a Kraken!



Camp Myth is based on the recent Camp Myth young adults book series. (Available at Amazon.) This all-new visual interactive novel allows you to follow along, and direct the adventures of three campers.

Our main actors are: Felix, a rebellious Fae forced to attend camp as punishment for his obsession with humans; Argee, the first (and only) nerdy Cyclops; and Moxie, a Kitsune who would rather smart-mouth than shape-shift.

If you’re a fan of the Camp Myth books, that’s great. But, there isn’t a need to have previous knowledge of the characters. The interactive story is entertaining and engrossing on its own, and it might even lead to a desire to read the book series that it is based on.

When I first opened the app, my initial thought was: “Great, Harry Potter goes to summer camp.” After a few pages though, that was the farthest thought from my mind. I found the story to be appropriate for kids, it’s rated 9+ in the App Store, and yet entertaining for myself as an adult.


Camp Myth is told in chapters, which are made up of parts. Currently only a few parts of the first chapter, “Hydra Raising,” are available, the reader can wait until a later date, when they can be read for free, or can make a $0.99 in-app purchase to unlock the currently available parts of the story.

The story is told mostly with static screen, with animation that is limited mostly to the characters sliding in from off screen to say their parts. It’s left to the text and music to set the mood for each act, and it does a reasonable job of doing that. The story is told at a proper level for its intended audience, and youngster should enjoy the humor, and the interplay between the “actors.”

The art in Camp Myth is good. he illustrations are colorful, and set the proper mood for each scene.

As for the interactivity, you can earn merit badges as you work through the stories. I did feel at times though, when faced with decisions to make, that my choices didn’t have much to do with the story’s progression.



If you, or your kids enjoy Harry Potter and other books of their ilk, you should enjoy Camp Myth. The presentation is enjoyable, and the writing is on a level anyone should be able to enjoy. The art is serviceable, and the music adds to the atmosphere. The characters are entertaining, and seem to genuinely have their own personalities.

Camp Myth is free, so it’s worth trying out, and if you enjoy it, you can always make the in-app purchase to view all the available material.

Rating: 4/5[rating:4.0]

Price: FREE – Available for both the iPhone and iPad in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]


  • Good story, easy to follow along.
  • Enjoyable art and music.
  • The connection with a book series may help children enjoy it even more.


  • The app bombed out on me a couple of times on the iPad. No problems like that on the iPhone version though.
  • The text on the screen is presented in frustratingly small snippets. More text at once would be nice.