Samsung Offering $800,000 in Prize Money for Galaxy Specific Apps

Samsung Offering $800,000 in Prize Money for Galaxy Specific Apps

Samsung is looking for developers that will make apps specifically for its flagship smartphone, announcing that it’s offering $800,000 in prize money for Galaxy-specific apps.



Samsung’s global developer competition will see 10 winners, with the prize money distributed among them. The company is most interested in apps that can coordinate with Samsung’s Group Play service, which allows users to share content like photos, games, and music between devices at the same time, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Developers programming apps specifically for the Galaxy would enable Samsung to distinguish itself further from other Android phone makers.

Developers will be required to use Samsung’s proprietary Chord SDK for media streaming and impromptu networking in order to be eligible for the prize money. The Chord SDK was developed by Samsung to make information sharing between local devices easier, and the company hopes it develops into an industry standard.

$200,000 will be awarded to the first place winner, three second place winners will take home $100,000 each, and six third-place winners will receive $50,000 each.