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Jim Dalrymple Launches The Loop Magazine for iPhone and iPad

Jim Dalrymple Launches The Loop Magazine for iPhone and iPad

Noted Apple journalist Jim Dalrymple, a 20-year veteran of the Apple news scene, and founder of the website The Loop, has launched a new iOS magazine through Apple’s Newsstand. The app takes inspiration from Marco Arment’s The Magazine app, and will serve as an extension of the site’s content, including long-form articles on technology, music, games, and more.


Here are a few of Dalrymple’s thoughts in regards to launching the magazine:

For many years people have been asking me why I didn’t release an app for the iPhone and iPad. The answer was simple: I couldn’t find anything that added value to what I did on The Loop. I wanted something more than a side-scrolling news app that basically imitated what I’d already linked to or written on the Web site. […]

It wasn’t until I saw the format that Marco Arment used in The Magazine that I realized what I really wanted for The Loop — a design and reading experience that matched what I had on the Web site. An easy to read magazine that focused on original content, not on selling ads.

The idea here is content and quality over page views and ads – you know, the way journalism should work. Subscriptions to the magazine cost $2 per month for 2 bi-weekly issues, with a 7-day free trial. I’m a huge fan of The Loop, and have the utmost respect for Jim Dalrymple and his team. I’ve already subscribed, and look forward to some fantastic content. I encourage you to do the same!

To learn more, check out Jim Dalrymple’s announcement post, as well as exclusive interviews with Dalrymple at both MacStories and TheNextWeb (TNW also provides additional details aside from the interview).

The app is available now for free from the App Store