Weekend Funnies: First World Problems

Weekend Funnies: First World Problems

Do you ever find yourself complaining about something like a certain movie not being available on Netflix, or that your Internet speed is 0.5 Mbps slower than it was yesterday? These are called first world problems. And brother and sisters, you are not alone.

These kids and their Kindles and iPads! Why in my day we had to turn the pages by hand! Oy, the paper cuts!


It’s called fast forward…


MacTrast editors have small hands, it’s been documented. And you know what they say, “Small hands… Small gloves!”


Nothing worse than running out of stuff to look at on the Internet… It makes being at the office too much like work!


When I worked at the Scottsdale, AZ Apple Store, a society matron actually asked me if her 2 carat diamond earrings could harm her iPhone.


Turns out, you can be too thin!


This weeks Weekend Funnies are from our friends at ZAGG. Be sure to visit their blog for more entertainment in this vein.