Apple Quietly Changes iOS 7 Icons on Its Website

Apple Quietly Changes iOS 7 Icons on Its Website

Apple has made changes to some of the icons on its official iOS 7 website, most notably to the Weather, Passbook, and Reminders app icons. As one of the most visible aspects of the iOS revamp, the icons in iOS 7 have been subject to reactions ranging from admiration to ridicule.



The icons, which can currently only be viewed on Apple’s site using a mobile device, most notably show a completely redesigned weather app icon, ditching the clouds and sun found in the current iOS 7 beta, in favor of the live temperature, something users have been waiting for for years.

The weather icon is particularly notable, as Apple executive Phil Schiller previously noted on Twitter that a live weather icon on iOS would “waste battery.”


Passbook also received a noticeable change, losing its orange card, in favor of a more muted green color scheme. There are also added subtle details on the card edges. Reminders, while changed, shows a more muted color scheme, with a gray background.

The Photos app icon received a tiny tweak with an updated color pallet.

This is most likely not the last set of changes we’ll see as the iOS 7 beta moves forward. As noted in a MacTrast article published on Thursday, the iOS 7 design is still a work in progress.