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Jony Ive’s Title Shortened to ‘SVP of Design’

Jony Ive’s Title Shortened to ‘SVP of Design’

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference last week, Jony Ive was included in the presentation video for iOS 7. Observers noticed a change in his title, instead of his usual title of “SVP of Industrial Design,” his title had been shortened to: “SVP of Design.”

Even Jony looks a bit surprised...
Even Jony looks a bit surprised…


The new title, which is also reflected on Ive’s company bio page, is representative of the executive’s new duties as not only Apple’s main hardware designer, but also the head of the firm’s Human Interface teams.

Ive was handed some of the responsibilities held by former iOS chief Scott Forstall, who was relieved of duty in October of 2012. Those responsibilities included the development of the overall look and feel of iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system.

The “flat” design seen in beta one of iOS 7 shows the influence of Ive.

It’s believed that Ive will continue to have a hand in both the hardware and software development teams at Apple, in an effort to align the aesthetics of both sides of development.

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