Kickstarter of the Week: iPads & Autism: How to Guide

Kickstarter of the Week: iPads & Autism: How to Guide

Do you either have, or know of a child with autism? If so, you probably know of studies that show the iPad is a terrific tool for use with autistic children. Our Kickstarter of the Week is “iPads & Autism: How to Guide.” Any pledges you make will go to the creation and promotion of the e-book: “The iPad as a Game Changer for…Autism.”

From the “iPads & Autism” Kickstarter page:

Why did you write this book?

After 3 years since April 3, 2010 when the iPad came out and after doing in store Workshops @ Apple Stores, lecturing to parents, teachers, therapist & doing webinars, lectures, etc, I feel like I still need to help as many people as possible in the Autism Community.  And as we know, our Autism Community is growing.

As a Dad of a child with Autism, a Physician and an Autism Researcher, I’ve been able to develop a system by which kids all along the Spectrum can use the iPad to not only communicate but learn & demonstrate what they’ve learned.  I want to share this knowledge with as many people with a connection to Autism as possible.

The book shows how to use the iPad with Autistic children through video lessons and video demonstrations.

The author states that he has taught thousands and thousands of parents, teachers and therapists about how to use the iPad with kids with Autism.  He takes the approach that the iPad is not simply an ACC or AT device but rather a Cognitive Learning Device.

The is designed to cover how the iPad can be used as an All-in-One Device for those with Autism.  It can be used for Speech Therapy, OT/PT, ABA Therapy, Art and Music Therapy.  It can be used for IEPs, an ACC and AT device.  The book covers how the iPad can be used for social skills, play time and just a really really cool device for our kids on the Spectrum.


If you have a child with Autism, or know of one, check out the “iPads & Autism: How to Guide” Kickstarter. The project has only 17% or its goal funded, and has only 16 days left to receive funding. If this looks like a project you can believe in, make a pledge, or at least share a link to the page via email, or your blog, or on your Twitter or Facebook page.

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