Kickstarter of the Week: SONTE DIY Digital Window Shades

Kickstarter of the Week: SONTE DIY Digital Window Shades

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of shades and blinds on my windows. They just don’t have the clean and sleek look I’d like to have. And let’s face it, they just get in the way of your view, even when they’re open. But no one, least of all my neighbors, wants me to leave my windows un-shuttered. Introducing the Kickstarter of the Week: SONTE DIY Digital Window Shades, the digital shades you can control from your iOS or Android device.

From the SONTE Kickstarter page:

Why SONTE Film?

Our reason for starting this project is simple – curtains have been around for thousands of years without much improvement. The small advances that have been made, such as motorized shades and smart glass, can be extremely expensive and complex to install. With SONTE Film, we set out to revolutionize the industry of windows and curtains. Our goal is to make our smart film technology affordable and easy to install for all.


SONTE Film is the first ever Wi-Fi enabled digital shade that instantly switches windows from opaque to clear in less than a second. The film pairs with a free smartphone app that allows users to turn SONTE Film “on” for see-through windows and “off” for opaque windows. Users can also use the app to control a room’s privacy and transparency setting. The customizable digital shade is easy to install and affordable, and doubles as a projection screen.



  • Is an easy-to-install, Wi-Fi-enabled digital shade allows you to control the amount of light that passes through windows, going from see-through to opaque in less than a second
  • Is an Affordable, DIY solution that is completely customizable—just measure your window, cut film to desired size and shape, and stick to your window
  • The free smartphone app makes it quick and easy to control the digital shades
  • There is no sticky residue from the electrostatic cling adhesive—ideal for renters and homeowners
  • When in opaque state, the digital shade can be used as a projection screen
  • Helps reduce energy cost in the home by filtering UV and sun rays
  • It’s ideal for glass partitions and windows in the home, office or storefront
  • The Kit comes with SONTE Film, Wi-Fi enabled transformer (one single unit), connector and cables, and cleaning kit

SONTE Film is also available in different colors for different purposes.  SONTE Film Vivid, a line of colored SONTE Film will complement almost any décor. In its natural, “off” mode, Vivid will display a soft color to accent any room’s style. Initially, Vivid will come in red.  They are also introducing SONTE Film Black, a line of dark colored SONTE Film for those who want to block out more light. The first round of SONTE Film Black will be available in (logically) black.

meeting room


  • Power: 110-220VAC
  • Current: 0.05 amperes per square meter (10.76 sq ft)
  • Power: less than 5 watts per square meter (10.76 sq ft) in the (on) transparent mode (no power is required in the (off) opaque mode)
  • Switching: less than 1 second
  • Operation: (on) transparent (off) opaque
  • Thickness: approximately 0.4mm
  • Viewing angle: more than 140 degrees
  • Light transmittance: On (70%) Off (5%)
  • Haze Coefficient: On (7%) Off (87%)
  • Operating temperature: -20C (-4F) to 70C (158F)
  • UV: absorbs more than 85%
  • Infrared: reflects more than 70%

This is a great solution, I highly recommend visiting the Kickstarter site and getting on-board for this project.

Spa Bathroom

Pledges start at $1, ( The $65 level is where you’ll actually be able to get your hands and eyes on a good sized piece of the film), and goes all the way up to $10,000. (This pledge level involves meeting the minds behind the project, and a nice, long airplane flight. I won’t spoil the surprise, but just make sure your passport is still valid…)

Make sure to visit the SONTE Kickstarter site and check out this product, I think you’ll like it. [DIRECT LINK]

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