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Logitech Unveils New ‘Harmony Ultimate Hub’ Universal Remote System for iOS

Logitech Unveils New ‘Harmony Ultimate Hub’ Universal Remote System for iOS

In today’s modern living rooms, most households fill their entertainment centers with a staggering variety of devices, from surround sound systems, to Roku boxes or Apple TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and more – not including the actual television itself. Universal remotes can be a great way to handle this – but why have a second device when your iPhone is far more powerful than any universal remote on the planet?

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That’s where Logitech’s new Harmony® Ultimate Hub comes in – a great new app-controlled accessory that turns your iPhone into your own private universal remote, complete with all of your own customized settings.

From the Logitech Blog:

[…] Today, we’re excited to announce that the Logitech Harmony® Ultimate Hub – an appcessory that turns your smartphone into a powerful, personal universal remote – will be available for purchase as a standalone product.

As you may know, the Harmony Hub is included with the Logitech Harmony Ultimate and Logitech Harmony Smart Control, our two newest universal remotes. However, with the standalone Harmony Ultimate Hub, everyone in the house will be able to download the free Harmony Smartphone App, and turn their smartphone into a personal universal remote. You’ll be able to customize activities and choose your own set of favorite channels icons for your very own experience.

The device even supports unique custom Macros (which they call “Activities”), allowing you to easily perform multiple actions at once with a single tap.  The hub has previously been available through Logitech’s Ultimate and Harmony Smart Control packages – but this is the first time it has been offered as a standalone app-enabled product for smartphones.

So, when can you get your hands one one? According to the release, the hub will launch in both Europe and the U.S. this August, and will retail for $99. For more information, visit Logitech’s product page on the web.