Rumor: Budget iPhone Colors Will Be Taken From iPhone 4 Bumpers

Rumor: Budget iPhone Colors Will Be Taken From iPhone 4 Bumpers

You may have read our earlier report today about the colorful budget iPhone that Apple is rumored to be readying for release and thought to yourself, “Self, where will Apple get the inspiration for the colors of their new budget handsets?” Well, wonder no more faithful reader, as a new rumor says the Cupertino firm will drawing from a late, and not so lamented iPhone 4 accessory, the bumper.



Citing a reliable source, Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara reports Apple has decided to produce black, white, pink, orange and blue versions of an as-yet-unannounced low-cost iPhone. The color saturation is said to be very close or identical to Apple’s iPhone 4 Bumpers.

MacOtakara’s source also reports that the color green is out of the running, (perhaps because it’s so tough to get the color of money EXACTLY right?), and it could also not be confirmed if a (PRODUCT)RED version would be available at launch.

Considering that this is also the site that said the upcoming ‘iPhone 5S” will have gold as a color option when it is released later this year, you might want to reach for the salt, because you’re going to need a grain of it for this rumor.