Skype Offers New Video Messaging Feature

Skype Offers New Video Messaging Feature

Skype has announced a new Video Messaging feature to allow users to send video messages to their contacts. The new feature will roll out to every platform (iOS and OS X included) today. Skype says the new service is aimed at allowing users to “record and share a personal video message, even when your friends and loved ones are not available”.

Skype Blog, via MacStories:

Skype Video Messaging adds another great way to keep in touch with friends and family during life’s most meaningful moments. Send a video message to your friends and family today—it’s easy. You can capture a fleeting memory, create a heartfelt reminder or simply tell a friend or family member “wish you were here” even when they aren’t online.

Videos can be up to three minutes long, and can be recorded within the Skype app. Users can preview their videos before sending them. Users can also reply to a video message. The new service is available free of charge to Skype users.

Updates to the Skype apps for iOS and OS X are scheduled to be released today to support the new video messaging feature.