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Xcode iOS Simulator Gives a Sneak Peek of iOS 7 on the iPad

Xcode iOS Simulator Gives a Sneak Peek of iOS 7 on the iPad

Twitter user Sonny Dickson has leaked numerous screenshots of what the iOS 7 beta will possibly look like once it’s released for use on the iPad. The images were obtained via the simulator feature of Apple’s XCode developer platform. The design seems to fall in line with what we’ve seen so far from screenshots of iOS 7 on the iPhone.

The Verge:

The leaked images do reveal a couple of unexpected changes — assuming Apple doesn’t make and drastic interface changes before iOS 7 is released. The redesigned Notification Center now takes up the entire screen (just as it does on the iPhone), rather than a small portion of the screen as in iOS 5 and 6. The Control Center, which Apple didn’t demo for iPad at its WWDC keynote, is confined to a slice at the bottom of the display — the iPhone version covers more than half of the screen.

Maps, Contacts, Spotlight Search and the Settings interfaces are definitely flat and sparse. The Verge does mention the possibility that currently Apple may just be stretching out the iPhone layout in some places, as the presence of a “flashlight” function in Control Center would suggest. (The iPad sucks to use as a camera, imagine trying to use it as a flashlight.)

The screenshots show some overlapping of interface elements, and some 0f the icons are completely different to their iPhone brethren. It’s for sure there will be numerous changes in the months ahead as the details of iOS 7 are nailed down, and as long as people keep leaking screenshots, we’ll keep bringing them to you.

  1. Brian says:

    if you look on the control center, you see the image of a flashlight, does that mean that we are going to see a flash on the iPad 5? Or iPad Mini 2

    1. I sincerely doubt it. Probably just a carry over from forcing the iPhone firmware to display on an iPad.

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