Build Your Own 1984 Macintosh Out of LEGO!

Build Your Own 1984 Macintosh Out of LEGO!

I love LEGO, especially custom builds – and this LEGO reproduction of the original 1984 Macintosh is one of the best I’ve seen. Created by Powerpig, it features the keyboard, mouse and even the ‘hello’ on the screen. Builds don’t get much better than this.

lego mac 250px-Macintosh_128k_transparency

The kit is available for pre-order for ship during the week of August 12 for $68.50 – or, considering that the kit is currently sold out online (or if you want to save some money), a full list of all required parts (and detailed building instructions) is also available  on Powerpig owner Chris McVeigh’s website. Go check it out!

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