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iPad Now Makes Up Nearly 85% of All Tablet Web Traffic

iPad Now Makes Up Nearly 85% of All Tablet Web Traffic

Despite the fact that Apple’s iPad sales were slightly down compared to the third quarter of last year (due largely to the fact that they didn’t release a new iPad in the spring, as they have in previous years), the latest data from ad network Chitika shows that the iPad certainly hasn’t lost its steam among consumers.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 4.55.20 PM

According to the latest stats, Apple’s iPad accounted for a whopping 84.3% of all tablet web traffic for the month a june – up from 82.4% in May. That makes June the iPad’s single most dominant month for tablet web traffic so far this year. Meanwhile, while the iPad gained web share, Samsung’s Galaxy tablets dropped over 4%, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire dropped nearly 6%.

It raises a question we’ve raised time and time again: What exactly are Android users doing with their tablets?  Perhaps using them as beverage coasters? For a full detailing of exactly how other tablet manufacturers performed, check out the full report over at Chitika!


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