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Microsoft Releases Yet Another TV Ad Criticising the iPad’s ‘Lack of Features’

Microsoft Releases Yet Another TV Ad Criticising the iPad’s ‘Lack of Features’

In yet another continuation of their campaign against Apple’s iPad, Microsoft has aired another TV ad, criticizing the iPad for its lack of advanced multitasking abilities (you can use two apps side-by-side in Windows 8 and Windows RT), and attempts to show how Apple’s lack of such a feature makes the iPad less capable for doing things like talking about Baseball players.

Or something like that.


Previous Microsoft ads have used the voice of Apple’s Siri to paint a picture of the iPad as a weak, incapable device that can’t do “simple,” “basic” things like use an SD card, pinch to zoom from the home screen, run Microsoft Office, and so forth. While the actual accuracy of the ads is up for debate (there are many ways to both read SD cards AND access/edit Office documents on iPads), the fact of the matter is that, no matter what Microsoft thinks about the iPad, their ads simply aren’t working.

For such an “incapable, undesirable device” that apparently “can’t be used for any actual work”, the iPad continues to sell circles around Windows-powered tablets – despite Microsoft’s clear desperation, made evident by slashing prices on Surface tablets, the very desperate ad campaign we’re discussing even now, and more…

  1. ray says:

    You sound hurt. But I think the add speaks truth. Can you do such this on iOS?

  2. DeFliGra says:

    The iPad helps multitasking women do one thing at a time… wouldn’t that be something in real life. Just kiddin’ 🙂

    Remember back in the old days when I bought an extra mb ram (extremely expensive at that time) so I could run multifinder. That was big! It will come to the iOS…

    In most of the apps we use, the multifinder multitasking feature doesn’t really matter – but in a few it would be nice… like television, chat, mail, calendar. But then again… the screen is small – so it would only make sense for apps designed for the feature.

    Microsoft has their Worldwide flagship… MS Office they want to make a must for every tablet owner… problem is – most people – today – have no need for an integrated office workflow (we’re not all working all the time) on their tablet. Mail, chat, facebook, twitter, calendar, photo, music, video, games… for those things — the iPad is the best tablet today.

  3. Macfail says:

    Wow you sound butthurt big time Mr. Author. Comparing the sales of a relatively brand new product vs. one that has been on the market for years is just ridiculous.
    Surface is also not the only solution for Win8 tablets. Keep running your apple news site like a rabid fanboy. Clearly Win8 tablets own iPads in capability.
    Apple makes shiny toys. MS makes things that get shit done.

  4. Macfail says:

    Rofl at the profile of the author.

    Might as well say “I have apple’s cock permanently down my throat and all articles on this site will be pro apple now matter how obvious it is the opposite is true.”

  5. Moe says:

    The truth is iPad is a good toy and is mostly used by people that use computers/tablets to surf the web and check emails. I many third world countries Apple products are considered classier and flashier and that is why people choose it. These are the same people that are computer-illiterate and don’t even know what multi-tasking is. I find this kind of sad.

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