Review: Bluelounge Kii – The Key to Charging on the Go

Review: Bluelounge Kii – The Key to Charging on the Go

Let’s face it – we are all a little addicted to technology these days.  It’s not uncommon for most people to have an iPhone (or other smartphone), iPod, or iPad with them at all times. Not only that, but we are using those devices more and more on the go and keeping them juiced up while we are out can be a challenge.  For me, having a charging solution available for my iPhone is always important, but sometimes, carrying an external power supply or spare lightning cable can be too much for my pockets. The Bluelounge Kii is a convenient solution to keeping power just inches away.



The Bluelounge Kii (Lightning: $39.95 or 30-pin: $19.95) is a handy, short iDevice charge-and-sync cable that’s small enough to keep with you whenever you’re on the go.  Constructed of a durable (but still flexible) plastic, the Kii is roughly the same size as house or car key, and blends in perfectly on a keychain for extreme portability.


When you need to use the Kii to charge your iDevice, slide the lock up (Lightning) or pinch the sides (30-pin) to reveal the iDevice connector.  From there, plug the Kii into the side of your laptop (Bluelounge recommends not using it with desktop computers to “prevent any unnecessary pull on the USB port, Kii or connecting port of the device.”)  While there is some flex in the cable, it’s not enough to support the weight of a free-hanging iDevice.  In my testing, I found that it also worked quite well in some USB equipped vehicles, depending on the configuration.


The beauty of Kii is that it’s always available.  When you’re not charging your device, the simple locking mechanism keeps the cable securely fastened to your keychain.  Because Kii is so discreet, it’s perfect for travel, as well.  Instead of needing to pack a 3-foot long lightning cable to charge your iPhone or iPad 2 inches from your laptop, the Kii is a perfect solution eliminate those nasty tangled cables and cluttered workspace.

Verdict: [rating: 4]

The Bluelounge Kii is an excellent, portable charging solution for keeping our iDevice going when you’re on the go.  After carrying around the sample I was provided clipped onto a keychain on my belt loop for nearly a week, the Kii is still there and in perfect condition.  Unfortunately, the high price point for companies offering Apple-approved Lightning accessories makes the Kii (with Lightning connect) a little too pricey for your average iDevice owner (Apple’s 1 meter lightning cable is only $19.00, after all).


  • Extremely portable
  • Discreet, sleek profile
  • Unique locking mechanism


  • Price point for the lightning cable
  • Requires horizontal laptop USB ports

I’m a big fan of Bluelounge’s entire line of products, and the Kii is an excellent addition.  Check out the Kii, and the rest of Bluelounge’s products at