12 Core Xeon CPU Set for Use in New Mac Pro Wows in Benchmarks

12 Core Xeon CPU Set for Use in New Mac Pro Wows in Benchmarks

Tom’s Hardware has run some benchmarks on the 12-core 2.7 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2 processor, the CPU expected to power Apple’s upcoming redesigned Mac Pro. From all indications, the new Mac Pro is gonna fly!



Tom’s Hardware has now gotten its hands on this exact processor expected to make its way into the Mac Pro and put it through rigorous testing in a Windows setup, subjecting the system to numerous benchmarking tools including the 64-bit version Geekbench 2. While the results do not provide an exact answer to how well the chip will benchmark in a Mac Pro, it does offer some perspective on what kind of performance might be possible. 

The tests run on the 12-core Xeon [E5-2697 V2] showed a score in excess of 30,000 points. The CPU was pitted against a variety of Sandy Bridge and other Ivy Bridge chips, as well as a Core i7-4770K Haswell chip. The E5-2697 V2 usually topped the charts in multi-threaded tests, but lagged behind faster chips with fewer cores in many single-threaded tests.


Tom’s Hardware does note that the benchmarks performed here won’t necessarily translate exactly over to the new Mac Pro running OS X Mavericks, but they do give a solid indication that the redesigned Mac Pro will be a significant improvement over it’s predecessor for demanding multi-threaded tasks.