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First Hands-On Video of a Yellow iPhone 5C Back Housing

First Hands-On Video of a Yellow iPhone 5C Back Housing

Our good acquaintance Sonny Dickson has been on fire these past few weeks, providing numerous leaked photos, videos, and other details regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5C (“budget iPhone”). Now he’s gotten his hands on something a little more intriguing that just an image – the first hands-on video of a yellow iPhone 5C rear shell!

Dickson has been the source of almost all of the credible iPhone 5C-related leaks, with this latest video further driving home the idea the the device will come in multiple colors, and further cementing likely details about its design. The authenticity cannot, of course, be guaranteed – but there are enough credible institutions all banking on a budget iPhone (and many of them backing this very design) that it seems remarkably likely to indeed reflect Apple’s upcoming design,

Take a look for yourself below – and don’t forget to visit Sonny Dickson’s website for all the latest pictures, video, and prototype info. Special thanks to Sonny for allowing us the exclusive on the video!

  1. Austin00 says:

    I haven’t been following these leaks but couldn’t this just be a shell for the new iPhone 5s internals, so people testing the device can do so without worrying about people leaking it or finding it out in public like say a bar? Why would Apple of all companies abandon their “High-End” brand and make such a cheap product.

    1. They’re not abandoning the high end. Most pundits agree they’ll produce a high-end iPhone 5S, as well as a more affordable model to appeal to the low-end market – and internationally, such as in China.

      1. Victor Augustus Franceschi says:

        Well it looks legit, but it’s ugly as hell, might be the color, idk if this is final or an early concept… time will tell.

  2. IonyxIphone 5 says:

    I’ve learned to take all of this with a grain of salt. Every year analyst and secret sources spread dumbness to the general public and very year there either half true or all false. Like the laser keyboard and holographic display. Or how about the larger screen and wider body? What about the curved iPhone or the one that had no bezel and was screen to screen? They’re winning because I’ve commented and that’s what they want and need. They want you to read these articles and comment. The iPhone 4, free with a contract, the 4s $100 or less with a contract, the 5, $200 or less with a contract. If the 5s comes out which makes more sense since they get to keep the body design for another year and sell inventory, then the 4s will be your new cheaper iphone. And the 4s ain’t no slouch either. I would buy a 4s over some cheap crappy plastic phone with stupid colors. Another reason I don’t believe the validity is the colors. iPods have colors. iPhones don’t. They don’t need it when your gonna buy a case any way. Ps the next iPhone will walk by it self and float into your hand. There calling iphone Jedi.

    1. I’m with you. There is absolutely no point for iPhone 5 Crap

  3. MRonin ⚜ says:

    Could be legit, but it seems a bit off to me for some reason. I guess we’ll find out in few weeks.

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