Indiegogo of the Week: iDoorCam: Answer the Door From Your Mobile Device

Indiegogo of the Week: iDoorCam: Answer the Door From Your Mobile Device

The doorbell rings in the middle of a riveting movie on TV. If it’s someone important, like the pizza delivery guy, you definitely want to get up and answer it. But what if it’s someone unimportant, like NOT the pizza delivery guy? Enter our Indiegogo of theWeek: The iDoorCam.

From the iDoorCam Indiegogo page:

iDoorCam™ features a day and night vision camera, speaker, microphone and motion sensor. It connects with your home’s WiFI and alerts you when someone rings your doorbell.  You can chose to ignore the call or answer it to see, hear and speak with your visitor.  You can see and hear them…they can hear you.

Whether your at home or on the go, iDoorCam provides convenience and control to make your everyday life just a little bit easier.


Using your iPhone or iPad, you can easily see, hear, and speak with your visitor. Or, if it’s NOT the pizza delivery guy, you can ignore them and hope they go away.

The iDoorCam allows you to see who’s at your front door, even if you’re across town, or around the world. You’ll be alerted no matter where you are, as long as you have a cellular connection for your iPhone or iPad.


The iDoorCam currently only works with iPhone and iPad, however the company does say it expects to have an Android app ready to go by the end of 2014.

The estimated delivery date for the iDoorCam is October 2013.


Pledge levels are available from $5, up to $1,100. The $5 level will get you a nice thank you, and they’ll make sure to keep you informed at every level of development, while the $1,100 level will get you ten iDoorCam’s and the free app. For most people, I’d imagine the sweet spot will be at $127, which will net you one iDoorCam at a nice discount, along with the free app.

If safety and convenience is important to you, you’ll probably want to drop by the iDoorCam site and check it out. They have a very informative Frequently Asked Questions area that will most likely answer any questions about how the iDoorCam can be installed, and how it all works.


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