Kickstarter of the Week: Precinct – From the Creators of “Police Quest”

Kickstarter of the Week: Precinct – From the Creators of “Police Quest”

I’ll admit it, I’m a graybeard when it comes to computers. I began using PCs back in the late 80s/early 90s, and remember some great games from Sierra On-Line.

Police Quest is one of those. In Police Quest, you were a small town policeman, fighting the rise of drugs in your city. It was all based on real police work, and you needed to follow the proper procedures, or you’d be kicked off the force, or worse, killed in the line of duty! Now, some of the great minds behind Police Quest have reunited for a Kickstarter project I’m excited about, “Precinct.”

From the Precinct Kickstart page:

Precinct takes players on a police adventure as officer Maxwell Jones in the corrupt town of Fraser Canyon, CA. Starting out as a rookie and then moving up the ranks, players face adrenaline charged scenarios and conduct real police procedures while solving crimes and arresting perpetrators. 

Written by Jim Walls and some of today’s brightest Hollywood talent, Precinct features a gripping crime story based on true accounts of real police cases. As players clean up the crime ridden streets, the plot thickens with corrupt cops, greedy public officials, and a deadly struggle for control of Fraser Canyon’s criminal underground.


The game is played in a 3D first-person perspective. There will be adventure and puzzle aspects in the game, as well as fast action sequences including shootouts, high-speed car chases, investigations, foot pursuits, and hand-to-hand combat.

I’m not sure if you ever played any of the original Police Quest games, but if you did, you may be getting chills down your back as you remember playing the games. I’ll admit, this week’s Kickstarter of the Week is featured as much for nostalgia as it is coolness factor, but there are equal ingredients of both at work here. I have already pledged to the project, and can’t wait to get my hands on the game to play it “just one more time.”


The game is being created by some of the great minds behind some of Sierra On-Line’s greatest games. I won’t go into detail about who they all are, and what their history is, as the Kickstarter page does a great job of doing all that, just rest assured, the pedigree behind this game is legit.

Precinct will be released as a DRM-free digital download for PC and Mac with distribution across platforms such as Steam and the company’s own website. If certain “stretch goals” are met, the team will release versions on other platforms, such as iOS and Android.

If you fondly remember Sierra’s “Quest” games, or even if you’ve never heard of them, and just want to see what the fuss is all about, head over to the Precinct Kickstarter page and check the game out. I, for one, cannot wait until I’m busting perps once again! [DIRECT LINK to the website.]

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