Everything You Can Ask Siri in iOS 7 (Infographic)

Everything You Can Ask Siri in iOS 7 (Infographic)

Apple’s added a few new tricks to Siri in iOS 7, such as the ability to launch apps, adjust settings on your iOS device, and so forth – all in addition to Siri’s previous range of useful commands! If you’re like many users, you might find it useful to have all of Siri’s possible actions and commands all in one place.

We’re helpers, so we’re gonna help you out – here’s the full list of all the things you can ask Siri in iOS 7, straight from the Personal Digital Assistant herself (and lovingly stitched together by your loyal MacTrast editors). Enjoy!

iOS 7 Siri Infographic


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  1. Keli Just says:


  2. Johnny Bleiss says:

    I started using Siri a lot for texting and it works absolutely brilliantly – except that my texts get a lot longer as i just chat away….

  3. Mark says:

    Um with all due respect for the intent, this list is grossly incomplete. See the arrows (>) at the right of each item? On the iPhone, that means that tapping each item listed leads to a longer list of *various* commands you can make in that category.

    So, if you tap “Call Brian,” you’re taken to a longer list of phone-related commands.

    So, again — with all due respect — this list is hardly “Everything you can ask Siri…” 🙂

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