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iPhone 5S and 5C Preorders Reportedly Set for September 13th

iPhone 5S and 5C Preorders Reportedly Set for September 13th

As Apple’s iPhone event draws closer, the likely dates for pre-orders and retail sales of the anticipated iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are becoming increasingly clear. Investment banker Michael V. Illuminati (via Twitter) speculates that pre-orders for the devices will open up starting Friday, September 13th. Meanwhile, former Apple employee Dan DeSilva claims to have heard the September 13 pre-order date from AT&T’s U.S. support team.


Thai language site CookieCoffee.com also claims to have received information from local carriers Softbank and AU KDDI regarding the pre-order date (roughly translated based on Google Translate results):

10 Sep, September 10: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will launch in San Francisco at two o’clock in the afternoon.

12 Sep, Softbank & AU KDDI network will begin advertising the iPhone 5S / iPhone 5C!

And Friday the 13th was the day that SoftBank & AU KDDI to open book system for pre-orders at 4 o’clock.

These speculations match up perfectly with Apple’s prior history. Each previous iPhone (except the original) has become available the Saturday immediately following its announcement, and it seems unlikely that Apple will stray from that pattern – especially if the shipments are already arriving in the U.S., as reported. This also lines up well with Apple’s pattern of launching iPhones at retail one week following pre-orders – which matches the wide belief of a September 20th retail launch.

It’s all still speculation until Apple announces the truth themselves…but it would be very surprising to see the upcoming iPhone launch unfold any other way. We’ll find out for sure at Apple’s media event next Tuesday! Stay tuned to MacTrast on September 10th for all the latest from Apple’s iPhone event as it happens!