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iPhone 5s Camping at the Apple Store – Be There Without Having to Be There

iPhone 5s Camping at the Apple Store – Be There Without Having to Be There

So you just couldn’t bring yourself to roll out of bed this morning and get in line for an iPhone 5s or 5c. And now you’re wondering what you missed. Fear not, oh timid one, MacTrast’s readers across the country have been kind enough to share their photos with us. Who needs real life? We’ve got photos, and we’ll even throw in a video here and there…

The world is a strange place when Apple Stores serve more food to their customers than airlines do… The attendants are better looking too. (Thanks to James Steen at the Charleston Apple Store.)


Pay no attention to the iPhone behind that curtain! Well, until we open at 8AM that is… (Thanks to Mason Levy at the Michigan Ave. Apple Store in Chicago.)


I’m sorry gentlemen, we need 3 pieces of ID, and a note from your Mother. You don’t still live with your Mother? Yeah, right! (Thanks to Darryl Pearson in Milwaukee, WI)


“Romeo, Romeo… Where for art thou Romeo?”

“I’m down here in line! Did you want the blue, or the yellow iPhone 5c?”

(Thanks to Wil Rivait at the Apple Store in Estero, Florida)


Don’t worry guys! There’s plenty of oxygen tanks waiting on you at the front door! (Thanks to Superdogcairo2012 on YouTube.)

Now this is a great way to take a line pic. Kudos for using the Panorama option on his iPhone camera. And bonus points for including a pretty geek girl. (Thanks to Alex Kupiszewski, at the Saddle Creek Germantown, TN Apple Store.)


World War Z? Nope, just the crowd outside the 5th Avenue NYC Apple store. (Helicopter shot from WCBS-NY)


So… You guys do know the iPhone 5s and 5c are available at Sprint, right? Hello? (Thanks to Eric Binkley at the Snellville, GA Sprint Store. Yay Eric! First in line!)


Who are all these people, and why are they all camping out in my office? (Thanks to Josh Savage – Greensboro, NC)


Um, excuse me, I had this doorway reserved over 2 weeks ago! (Thanks to James Steen – Kings Street Apple Store, Charleston, SC)


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