iPhone 5S Now Available for Immediate Pickup at Some Apple Retail Stores

iPhone 5S Now Available for Immediate Pickup at Some Apple Retail Stores

The hard to come by iPhone 5s is now available for immediate in-store pickup in some Apple Stores. You can check availability via the Apple Store website.



We mentioned last week that Apple is said to be adding a store pickup availability check to its Apple Store app. This hasn’t yet made it into the App Store, but you can use the website to check availability…

To check availability for in-store pickup, first select your color, carrier, and memory size, then click the Check Availability link beneath the green Continue button:

Then enter your zip code to check availability in nearby stores.

Do us a favor, and check out your nearby stores for iPhone 5s availability. Especially the gold one. Mt. T is breathing down our necks something fierce for that model!


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