Microsoft is Desperately Seeking iPad Users Willing to Trade for a Surface

Microsoft is Desperately Seeking iPad Users Willing to Trade for a Surface

Microsoft, in its increasingly desperate effort to become relevant in the tablet market, is now offering owners of Apple’s popular iPad a minimum of a $200 Microsoft Store (They still have those? -Ed.) gift card if they trade in their iPad.



While the gift card is applicable to any item inside of Microsoft’s stores, the company is positioning the offer as push for sales of the Surface tablet. The deal ends on October 27, 2013.

The offer is just another desperate move by the Redmond firm in its campaign against Apple’s popular tablet. The last several month have seen the company running TV ads comparing the Surface to the iPad, highlighting the multitasking abilities of the Surface, and the iPad’s lack of the all important USB ports and kickstand.

The ad campaign has seemingly failed to attract many buyers of Microsoft’s failed tablet, as the company recently took a $900 million write-off on the device. However, the company is reportedly set to upgrade the device later this month.

Perhaps with some snazzy handlebar streamers to match that kickstand they’re so proud of?

(UPDATE 9/25/13) – Microsoft is expanding its desperate efforts to get someone, hell, anyone to buy their failing mobile devices. Cult of Mac reports that starting this Friday, if take your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 into select Microsoft stores in the U.S. and Canada you’ll receive a minimum of $200 in-store credit for a new Windows Phone device.

The epic, “Desperately Seeking Windows Mobile Device Users,” continues its long run at a mall near you…

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