Review: Justin Case Ultra-Slim Power Case for the iPad

Review: Justin Case Ultra-Slim Power Case for the iPad

Whenever I use my iPad away from home, it’s usually for entertainment purposes. And if I watch more than a couple of movies, my battery starts getting dangerously close to the bottom of the charge. The Justin Case Ultra-Slim Power Case for the iPad from Innovative Technology is designed to allow you to enjoy hours upon hours of battery draining usage of your iPad without ever having to go searching for an AC power outlet.



The Justin Case Ultra-Slim Power Case is a sturdy case for your iPad that will cover and protect your iPad, while offering an extended battery that will charge your iPad up to 2 full charges, and can also charge your iPhone or other devices up to 7 full charges.

The Justin Case I was supplied with for this review was the red model. It is an attractive “synthetic leather” case that also has a built-in 11,600 mAh battery. Also in the box is a cable to charge the Justin Case, an AC power adapter, and even a stylus for use in place of your fingers on your iPad.

While the “synthetic leather” case will never be mistaken for real leather, at least in the red model I reviewed, it is attractive, if somehat bulky. The added extra weight may be a deal killer for some, but I found the convenience of not needing to carry along a wall adapter for charging purposes to be worth the added bulk.

Full charging of the battery in the case took a little bit longer than the usual time required to charge an iPad to a full charge from almost 0%, but I didn’t find the extra time to be a problem. After charging, I used the case for a few weeks without needing to charge the battery.

I charged my iPhone 5 from about 10% up to a full charge 3 times, and my iPad from just under 30% up to a full charge, and the battery pack still showed 2 lights. (A series of lights on the case allows you to tell how much of a charge is left in the case.) Charging from the battery only took slightly longer than it did from a wall charger. Again, not so much longer as to be an inconvenience.

The battery case has a standard USB port that is used to tap into the battery power, so you can charge almost any mobile device from it. I charged my iPad, iPhone 5s, my Nexus 7 (Shhhhh!), and even my Pebble Smart Watch.


I would have to recommend the Justin Case to anyone who needs extra power for their iPad and other mobile devices, especially while traveling on the road. While the extra weight may be a deal killer for some, i found that it wasn’t that much of an issue for me when compared to the convenience.

It would be nice if the company would include a cable for use with the iPad when charging, but I suppose they have to include 2 type of cables, 30-pin and lightning, in order to cover all the iPad models. And it’s not like most people don’t have at least 2 charging cables, especially if they’re an owner of multiple devices.


Price: Suggested Retail Price: $69.99, available at Amazon for $67.29.


  • The case provides good protection.
  • It charges your iPad and other devices without needing to search for an AC outlet.
  • Allows multiple charging of your devices, a big plus for travelers.
  • A free stylus, nothing wrong with that.


  • It is going to be too heavy for some users tastes. You might want to be sure you purchase it from a merchant with a liberal return policy.
  • No iPad charging cable. Not a deal killer.