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How to Use an iOS 7 Device to Automatically Set Up Your Apple TV

How to Use an iOS 7 Device to Automatically Set Up Your Apple TV

As we reported earlier, based on findings in an early beta of the current Apple TV software, Apple has unleashed a pretty amazing new feature on their popular set-top box, allowing users to immediately set up their Apple TV by simply tapping it with their iOS 7 device!

Apple TV Setup

The process transfers your Wi-Fi network and password, iTunes Store account, and Language and region format preferences  all in one swift motion. Here’s how it’s done, as described in Apple’s official support document:

Setting up your Apple TV

Follow these steps to set up your Apple TV (3rd generation) using your iOS 7 device.

  1. Connect your Apple TV to your television and power and wait until your Apple TV displays the setup screen.

  2. Unlock your iOS 7 device and ensure that Bluetooth is enabled. Also ensure that you are connected to the Wi-Fi network you want to use with Apple TV.

  3. Touch your iOS device to your Apple TV and wait for the prompts to appear on your iOS device and Apple TV.

  4. Enter your Apple ID and password on your iOS device.

  5. Choose if you want Apple TV to remember your Apple ID password, and if you want Apple TV to send data to Apple. Note: This does not change your iOS device preferences.

  6. Your Apple TV will start the configuration process, including connecting to your Wi-Fi network, activating Apple TV, and setting up your iTunes Store account.

  7. When complete, your Apple TV is ready to use.

That’s all there is to it! Personally, I can hardly contain my excitement for the new feature – and the implications it has on Apple using Bluetooth 4.0 on the iPhone and iPad for other similar NFC-like purposes!

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