Video Examines Size and Form Factor of Upcoming iPad 5

Video Examines Size and Form Factor of Upcoming iPad 5

Unbox Therapy has what it claims is an exclusive video look at what the upcoming iPad 5 will look and feel like. While the video doesn’t exactly reveal anything new, it does give us a good look at how the new device will fit in a users hands, and how it compares to the current fourth-generation model.


For instance, the speaker on the bottom will improve sound when being played laying flat.

While the new iPad isn’t expected to be introduced at the upcoming September 10th event, (it’s official!), it will most likely be announced, alongside an updated iPad mini, sometime in October.

  1. Taylorconor says:

    If someone refers to screen space as “real estate” one more time I think I’ll burst

    1. William Carr says:

      Real Estate.

      1. Chris Hauk Chris Hauk says:

        Just for that, you both have to clean up this mess! I’ll go get the mops and paper towels…

  2. Victor Augustus Franceschi says:

    @ 1:23 in the video you can see that the reduction of the sides of the screen causes you to touch the screen in order o hold it and you can compare it directly a couple seconds later as he holds the 4rth gen and immediately does not put his thumb on the screen.

    This is something that apple was praised over Samsung and Android tablets, you were able to hold it that way without touching the screen.
    Not a big issue maybe, but something that Jobs wouldn’t allow to be made. IMO.

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