Weekend Funnies – Video Edition: The IT Crowd

Weekend Funnies – Video Edition: The IT Crowd

One particular favorite around MacTrast is a British series called “The IT Crowd.” The series is set in the London offices of a fictional company, and revolves around the three members of the IT department.

While it’s sometime played for absurd laughs, anyone who has ever worked in the IT department of a large company will recognize some definite grains of truth. We’d like to share some excerpts from the series with you in this edition of “Weekend Funnies.”

Video Piracy, Don’t Do It!

The Internet. (Funny, I always thought the box would be a little bigger, and blue. Definitely blue…)

Internet Presentation. (God, let’s hope she doesn’t break it…)

Vista Means Death!

I once worked with a woman who thought she rebooted the computer by turning the monitor off, and then back on again…

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