Adobe’s Flash Player is Now Sandboxed in Safari 7

Adobe’s Flash Player is Now Sandboxed in Safari 7

So, if all of the great features of Mavericks, and its SUPER low price, (Um, FREE!) , haven’t enticed you to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of OS X yet, here’s another point in its favor: Adobe’s Flash Player is sandboxed in Safari version 7.0, to make your computer run better, and more securely.

Yeah, I know. I just think this is a really cool bit of artwork...
Yeah, I know. I just think this is a really cool bit of artwork…


Adobe announced Wednesday that the latest version of the Safari web browser included with OS X Mavericks now features app sandboxing for Flash Player, following similar moves with browsers from Google, Microsoft and Mozilla.

Flash Player has been sandboxed for awhile now, but this is the first time Apple has gotten onboard with the program with Safari.

“For the technically minded, this means that there is a specific com.macromedia.Flash file defining the security permissions for Flash Player when it runs within the sandboxed plugin process,” explains Adobe Platform Security Strategist Peleus Uhley.

“As you might expect, Flash Player’s capabilities to read and write files will be limited to only those locations it needs to function properly. The sandbox also limits Flash Player’s local connections to device resources and inter-process communication (IPC) channels. Finally, the sandbox limits Flash Player’s networking privileges to prevent unnecessary connection capabilities.”

So, what all this means to you the user, is that viewing Flash Player content in your Safari browser under Mavericks will be a bit safer and more secure, thanks to Adobe and Apple finally working together on this.

This won’t make a big difference for myself, as I do my damnedest to avoid Flash content if possible, well, except for the speedster above, but how about you? Does this help you feel any more warm and fuzzy about Flash content in your browser? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.