How To Disable The Second Menu Bar In OS X Mavericks

How To Disable The Second Menu Bar In OS X Mavericks

I like the idea of having a second menu bar in OS X Mavericks for when you have a second monitor plugged into your Mac, however, I don’t particularly like Apple’s implementation of this feature.

It’s distracting. The opaque menu bar signifying inactivity is a real eye-sore. Why not just make it fully solid and therefore less distracting? And how come I don’t have the option to control whether it’s solid or opaque?

There is a solution – turn it off.

Disable second menu bar in OS X Mavericks

How to disable the second menu bar in OS X Mavericks: Click on System Preferences > Mission Control > Un-tick “Displays have separate Spaces”. Once your restart your Mac, you will have just a single menu bar. Done.

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