Kickstarter of the Week: ColecoVision – Classic Arcade Game Emulator for iOS

Kickstarter of the Week: ColecoVision – Classic Arcade Game Emulator for iOS

I am a huge classic gaming fan. Atari 2600, Intellivision, and especially ColecoVision. So when I saw a Kickstarter for bringing a ColecoVision emulator to iOS, I had to know more. It turns out, the same folks behind the excellent Vectrex Regeneration emulator from awhile back are behind this project.

From the ColecoVision Kickstarter page:

ColecoVision is a classic retro games console from the early 1980s. And we’re trying to bring it back! We’re planning on creating an app – as a starter on iOS, but if we get the backing also on Android, Mac, PC and Vita. Way more than just ‘an emulator’ we want to create something that showcases the ColecoVision…


The project intends to include:

  • Beautiful, graphical, intuitive user interface
  • Competitive scoring
  • Challenges
  • Achievements
  • Box art & instructions
  • History of ColecoVision
  • Around 20 original fully licensed games and now, homebrew titles too.

The company is planning a concept for iOS devices that will recreate the TV or family room that has a ColecoVision console right in the center. They want to invoke memories of the original system, and to stay as close to the original ColecoVision experience as possible.

“Swipe or tap, and the games all fly up and assemble in a line so you can swipe left and right through your library – accessing box-art, instructions and the ROM cartridge. Choosing to play a game will drop the cartridge into the console, and then zoom you into the TV and you’ll be playing full screen.”


The Full List of Titles Supported: Antarctic Adventure • BlackJack/Poker • Bump ‘n’ Jump • Brain Strainers • Destructor • Fortune Builder • Frenzy • Jumpman • Jumpman Junior • Jungle Hunt • Montezuma’s Revenge • Ms. Space Fury • Pepper II • Space Fury • Super Action Boxing • Super Action Football • Super Action Baseball • Super Action Soccer • Zaxxon

They’re hoping to add more games later on and they’ll also be supporting homebrew games. So, there will be quite a few games available to play at launch.

The project will target iOS initially, but if they can, they want to develop the emulator for Android, PC, Mac, and even the PS Vita. (YAY!)

Of course, as with any Kickstarter project, there are different levels of pledges available, as seen below:


If the ColecoVision project interests you, and I have to admit, I pedged as soon as I read about the project, be sure to visit the ColecoVision Kickstarter site and take a look at the project. If you’re a classic gaming junkie like I am, you’ll want to be a part of this project!

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