A Large Majority of iTunes Radio Listeners Still Use Pandora

A Large Majority of iTunes Radio Listeners Still Use Pandora

A survey of over 800 iOS device users shows that the majority of users who have tried iTunes Radio have either returned to Pandora for their music, or continue to use it alongside Apple’s streaming music service.



The report, from investment bank Canaccord Genuity, indicates that while¬†iTunes Radio¬†compares favorably to Pandora’s offering in fit and finish, the service lags behind in overall consumer perception thanks to poorer automated song selection.

Approximately 72% of respondents in the survey were running iOS 7 on their devices, and about 40% of that group had sampled iTunes Radio. A mere 8% dropped Pandora completely in favor of Apple’s service, with 44% splitting their time between the two streaming services.

Despite the promotional campaign Apple has waged for their new service, 35% of those who say they haven’t tried iTunes Radio say they haven’t even heard of it.

“Overall Experience” of both services shows 66% of respondents having a “positive,” or “very positive” experience with iTunes Radio, while Pandora scored 78% for the same measurement.

Apple entered the streaming music field in September, when iTunes Radio was released alongside the company’s new iOS 7 operating system.