Manufacturing Glitch Delays Intel’s New Broadwell Processors

Manufacturing Glitch Delays Intel’s New Broadwell Processors

Intel has reportedly delayed the manufacturing of its upcoming Broadwell processors until the first quarter of 2014 due to a technical glitch. The processor is scheduled to replace the Haswell processor currently used in Apple’s MacBook Air and iMac lineups.


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Production will instead commence in the first quarter of next year, says Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, delaying the chips by a quarter. This is a rare misstep for the company, which hasn’t delayed a major chip release since the Pentium 4…

The Broadwell chips, manufactured using an new 14-nanometer process, are destined to replace the company’s Haswell family of 22-nanometer processors. Intel says architectural improvements and process shrink will allow the Broadwell to be 30% more power efficient and faster than the Haswell platform.

“We and our [manufacturing] partners have a strong desire to get Broadwell to the market,” Krzanich said. “This is a small blip in the schedule.”