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The Truth About Apple’s Retina iPad mini “Delays”

The Truth About Apple’s Retina iPad mini “Delays”

Apparently Apple’s as yet unannounced Retina version of the iPad mini has been “delayed”. It will also apparently be delayed until next year (or not), and has been crippled by Chinese production issues.  All of these things are undoubtedly all correct. Because you read them on the internet, and the internet is always right.

Lion Mad

I suppose I must link to something, so here’s a summary from GigaOM, citing the original report from Reuters:

The long-buzzed about iPad Mini with retina display didn’t make an appearance at the latest Apple event in September, and it’s likely that the world won’t see it until the new year. Reuters reports that delays on display manufacturing in China have crippled production, making it near impossible to do a full roll-out for the holiday season. If the iPad Mini retina does appear, expect limited quantities, long lines, and a bit of heartbreak.

First off, the Retina iPad mini has NOT been “delayed.” Why? Because it’s not possible. A product that has not been announced CANNOT BE DELAYED. That would require a release day to have been established. Second, this claim flies directly at odds with claims from notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims that such a device WILL launch this year.

It’s impossible to say which analyst is correct. Kuo has a better track record – but it’s more likely that NEITHER analyst really knows the truth. It’s no coincidence that this Reuters report happened to pop up just weeks before the rumored October release date for the next iPad mini. This happens a few weeks before pretty much EVERY new Apple product launch EVER. And most of the time it turns out to be bullshit.

So, to all the sites writing this post, which has NO basis in evidence and is almost certainly bullshit, I say: FUCK OFF. Yup. There it is, on the public web. F-Star-Star-Star. And I’m not editing it out. Because it belongs there. To anyone publishing reports like this: LEAVE US ALONE. Let us all rest in peace.

That’s all we’re going to say about the release date for the Retina iPad mini: Nobody knows. And if it does happen this month, Apple will likely announce it soon. Until then, we’ll wait until some actual evidence and newsworthy information surfaces, in an effort to spare you from any more bullshit that you have probably already been subjected to.

Oh, and the iPhone 7 is probably also delayed. You’ll be hearing about that in September or October of 2015. Just so you know.

This is the sort of BULLSHIT that takes its toll on the entire tech media industry – and it’s been pissing me off for long enough that I can remain silent no more.

Have a lovely day!