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  • Review: Bravo Case – The Ultimate in Aluminum Protection For iPhone 5!

Review: Bravo Case – The Ultimate in Aluminum Protection For iPhone 5!

Review: Bravo Case – The Ultimate in Aluminum Protection For iPhone 5!

Have you or someone you know every dropped your phone, only to see it destroyed?  Maybe it fell off your lap as you stood to get out of your car, and came crashing down on the cement, or perhaps you went to slide it into your pocket, only to have it miss and drop straight on the ground. Even worse, you’ve experience the horrifying “bathroom incident” where your phone *somehow* fell into the toilet and suffered the consequences.  What if there was an elegant way to keep your phone alive through the harshest and most extreme conditions? Thanks to the aluminum Bravo case – there is.



The Bravo case for iPhone 5 (available for $99.95 at Bike2Power.com) is a stylish, aluminum case, designed to protect your iPhone from almost anything you can throw at it (or anything you throw it at).  By using a combination of aluminum, plastics (sealed with rubber), and glass (again – sealed), the Bravo case is rated at an astonishing IP68 (the highest level of both solid particle and liquid ingress protection). Not only that, the Bravo case is also the worlds first aluminum waterproof case on the market. Check out all the details here:

Verdict: [rating: 4]

The Bravo Case for iPhone 5 is truly one of the most durable, yet stylish cases I’ve had the pleasure of using.  In the week or so of testing the case, I dropped, threw, dunked, and washed my phone (some of which was even on accident), and through all of it, the case didn’t show any marks or scuffs, and my phone works just as well as the day it went into the case.

Every port and function of the phone worked just as well inside the case as it did outside. Unfortunately, the sheer weight of an aluminum case, and the interference with reception caused by the aluminum is a trade-off for such an elegant and durable case. Even with that, the Bravo case is a fantastic option, especially for those working outside in various weather conditions, or in extreme environments.



  • Doesn’t add excessive thickness or bulk
  • Aluminum looks great
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Dust-proof, shock-proof, snow-proof, waterproof (up to 6M for 30 minutes)
  • Available in Silver or Black to match your iPhone 5
  • Included headphone port extender


  • Heavy
  • Interferes with cellular signal

To get your Bravo case for iPhone 5, head over to Bike2Power.com today!