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  • Review: PocketPlug Charging Case for the iPhone 5/5s – A Protective Case With a Built-In Charger

Review: PocketPlug Charging Case for the iPhone 5/5s – A Protective Case With a Built-In Charger

Review: PocketPlug Charging Case for the iPhone 5/5s – A Protective Case With a Built-In Charger

Ok, I’m getting ready to travel, so I need to pack my iPhone 5 charger, charging cable, make sure I have a good case to protect my iPhone… Wouldn’t it be great if one product could do all of the above? Meet the Prong PocketPlug.



The Prong PocketPlug is a solid case that protects your iPhone 5/5s quite well, and if that’s all it did, it would score highly just for that, but the PocketPlug has a secret. You can plug it into the wall and charge your iPhone with it. When I say “plug it into the wall,” I mean directly into the wall, no cables or adaptors needed. If you have access to an standard U.S. AC  power outlet, you can charge your iPhone.

The PocketPlug also allows you to charge in the “normal” way, using a standard charger, or with a USB port and a micro-USB cable, which Prong has thoughtfully included in the box with the case.

But lets be honest, this is all about the two prongs that flip out on the backside of the case. When not in use, the prongs stay out of the way, neatly recessed and surprisingly, they don’t catch on your pants or jean pocket when removing the encased iPhone from your pocket.

When you need to charge, simply flip up one of the prongs and the other one will flip up right along with it. Find a free AC outlet, plug in, and you’re charging your iPhone.

The front of the PocketPlug has ports for the speakers and mic on the iPhone 5/5s, and there’s an opening for the headphone cord on the bottom. (Prong also includes an audio cable extender if yours won’t make it all the way in.)


One important note: The Prong PocketPlug case is only a charger, it does not contain an on-board battery to extend the times between charging session.

The PocketPlug is available in white or black, so it should match your iPhone quite well, no matter what color scheme you’ve chosen for your iPhone.


The Prong PocketPlug is an ingeniously designed case that allows you to protect your iPhone 5/5s from accidental damage, and also allows you to charge your iPhone wherever you may have access to an AC outlet.

If you travel, and don’t like to carry around multiple charging accessories for your iPhone, the PocketPlug could definitely be an accessory you might want to take a look at.

Rating: 3.5/5[rating:3.5]

Price: $69.95 at the Prong website. Also available at Amazon.com.


  • Well constructed – Protects your iPhone 5/5s quite well.
  • The fold-out prongs on the back mean if you’re near an outlet, you can charge your iPhone.
  • Easy to get on and off your iPhone.
  • The ports at the bottom of the case actually do a decent job of amplifying your iPhone’s speakers.


  • I really wish it had a battery pack built into the case. For 10 or 20 dollars more you can buy a battery case or charging pack.
  • If your only available outlet is in an odd spot, or has another device plugged in, there could be a problem plugging this in.
  • If you have a protector, like an Invisible Shield on the front and/or back of your iPhone 5, the fit of the case will be VERY snug.