Review: ProCamera – A One Stop Photography and Image Editing App for iOS

Review: ProCamera – A One Stop Photography and Image Editing App for iOS

With so many camera apps on the market, who can choose just one? Fun filters, new camera features and basic editing tools provide avid iPhone camera users with the opportunity to take and create stellar photos. ProCamera, $0.99 in the App Store, offers not only filters and great editing tools, it even features a night camera for those tough-to-capture shots!


Camera apps can be a dime a dozen, even if I love the editing features within a camera app, I usually just stick to using my iPhone’s camera and edit the photos in my collection of photo apps. However, with ProCamera’s “night camera” feature, I have found myself not only using the app for editing, but taking the photos, too! Finally, a one-stop-shop! Keep in mind that while the feature is called a night camera, you still need a light source for the image to turn out, which may seem obvious to some.


ProCamera offers so many great photo enhancers, in addition to the night camera, the app offers a self timer, anti-shake to help stabilize your images, a 6x zoom that looks significantly better than the zoom available on the standard iPhone camera. One of my favorite features of ProCamera is the RapidFire Burst, which allows users to take multiple photos back-to-back. Last but not least, ProCamera even offers a slow motion feature for shooting videos on the iPhone 5S.

So how great are these pictures and editing tools? Photos taken within the ProCamera app are ultimately sharper, details pop and colors are superb. Once photos are taken, there are a variety of filters and adjustments to make photo truly unique. I really enjoyed the ability to view all filters and simply scroll left or right to preview filters on my images. If you’re stuck between two filters, you can easily compare them with this excellent preview feature.


Other available editing options include vignette, crop, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpen, and boost, just to name a few. The fun doesn’t stop at the camera, editing and photo features, users can share their pictures directly to other apps after saving an image. Share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Dropbox, even message, copy or e-mail the image to another user.

Verdict [rating:5]

Overall, ProCamera proves to be an application that could serve as a one-stop-shop for many iPhone users. The features available make PROCAMERA a major competitor not only in the photo editing market, but the camera market as well. Give PROCAMERA a try and decide for yourself!

Download ProCamera now! Only $0.99 in the App Store!


  • Easy to use
  • Great camera options
  • Night camera
  • Numerous filters
  • Great editing tools


  • Repair/blemish feature would be a great addition


*The above review was commissioned by the developer in accordance with our app review policy, and has been written in an objective, unbiased fashion.