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Samsung Caught Cheating in Device Benchmarks (Again!)

Samsung Caught Cheating in Device Benchmarks (Again!)

Despite having been caught and publicly shamed for manipulating benchmarks back in June to make their Galaxy S4 smartphone look like a batter contender than it really is, Samsung apparently hasn’t learned their lesson. Ars Technica has outed them for cheating on benchmarks yet again, this time managing to artificially increase the performance of the Galaxy Note 3 in benchmarks by up to a full 20%.

Samsung Scamsung

Ron Amadeo, reporting for Ars Technica:

“After a good bit of sleuthing, we can confidently say Samsung appears to be artificially boosting the US Note 3′s benchmark scores with a special, high-power CPU mode that kicks in when the device runs a large number of popular benchmarking apps. Samsung did something similar with the international Galaxy S 4′s GPU, but this is the first time we’ve seen the boost on a US device. We also found a way to disable this special CPU mode, so for the first time we can see just how much Samsung’s benchmark optimizations affect benchmark scores.”

There simply isn’t much to say here. This is shameful and unethical behavior, and Samsung should be truly ashamed of scamming their customers in this manner. Sadly, however, judging by the fact that they just keep doing this sort of thing, they’re probably not ashamed at all. In fact, it’s almost as if they’re proud of it….

Shame on you, Samsung.

Update: Apple VP Phil Shiller has joined in, publicly outing their shenanigans through his Twitter feed.