T-Mobile to Axe Grandfathered Mobile Plans in November

T-Mobile to Axe Grandfathered Mobile Plans in November

T-Mobile has confirmed that it will put an end to all its grandfathered mobile plans in November, and will be moving customers currently in such plans over to its existing plans.



The company confirmed to Engadget on Tuesday that starting November 1, existing customers that were in its older plans will be moved into another option that has “similar or better features at a comparable price.” T-Mobile didn’t say exactly how it goes about determining what’s best for individual customers.

T-Mobile announced major changes to its plan structure back in March, eliminating device subsidies, but also offering unlimited text, voice, and data at reduced rates. At that time, the company allowed customers who already had plans in place to remain with those, but said all new customers would be brought in under the new plans.

In what looks to be a move to deter at least some of the expected fallout from the new plans, in a letter to customers T-Mobile said those who want to cancel their service because they’re displeased with the switch can do so without penalty until February 1st.