Apple & Samsung Grab 109% of Mobile Phone Profits

Apple & Samsung Grab 109% of Mobile Phone Profits

Apple and Samsung continue to grab all of the profits in the mobile device market, with the two giants grabbing an amazing 109% of the profits. That figure is possible because all other competitors in the category are losing money!



The latest data from Canaccord Genuity, shared with AppleInsider by analyst T. Michael Walkley on Thursday, estimates that Apple took 56 percent of the operating profits for feature phones and smartphones in the third quarter of calendar 2013. Coming in close second was Samsung, which took 53 percent of industry profits.

All of the other competitors in the mobile market lost money in the quarter, with the exception of Sony, who broke even. BlackBerry posted a negative 4% of industry profits, while Google owned Motorola took a negative 3%.

Nokia, LG and HTC all represented a negative 1% of profits each.

If profits of Chinese vendors such as Lenovo, ZTE, and others were taken into consideration, the profit shares of Apple and Samsung would be lower, however their profitability data is not publicly available and could not be included in the comparison.