iPad Trade-Ins Are Up Over Double From 2012

iPad Trade-Ins Are Up Over Double From 2012

It’s iPad Air debut day around the world, and by all indications, business is booming! And, if trade-in numbers at Gazelle and Nextworth are any indication, quite a few of the folks buying the iPad Air are also trading in their old iPads to get cash to apply against their new precious.



Anthony Scarsella, the “chief gadget officer” at Boston-based Gazelle told Computerworld that trade-in quotes for iPads were up 130 percent over October 2012. The numbers are almost identical at Billerica, MA-based NextWorth, where chief marketing officer Jeff Trachsel reported that quote volume is up 127 percent.

Both companies cite the completely redesigned and improved iPad Air as the reason for the increased interest in trading in older iPads.

The most popular iPad that’s being traded in? The third-generation iPad. It has accounted for 35% of all trade-ins in October at Nextworth, and about 31% of all trade-ins at Gazelle.

While my third-generation iPad would normally be joining the group and heading for either Gazelle or Nextworth, my young bride has her eye on it, so…

If you’d like to find out how much your old iPad is worth, visit either Gazelle, or Nextworth┬átoday.