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Live Video Chat App Hang W/ Gets an iOS 7 Makeover – Complete With New Features!

Live Video Chat App Hang W/ Gets an iOS 7 Makeover – Complete With New Features!

In light of iOS 7’s very light, airy approach to design, many of our favorite apps have seen shifts to cleaner, trendier designs.  Not to be left behind, the unique and innovative “Live Video, Twitter-like app” Hang With (Hang W/) just received it’s official bump to version 2.0 with full iOS 7 design and a couple fun tricks up it’s sleeve.

When Hang W/ launched last spring, thousands of users could stream live video in 3-minute segments to anyone who wanted to watch. Viewers could comment on the video, and interact with the broadcaster in real-time. After only 6 weeks, Hang With became hit 100,000 users and continues to grow every day, even including some notable celebrities, including Cheech and Chong, Lucy Hale, Kaskade, Ochocinco, 50 Cent, and many others.

Hang Combo

Holding true to their original ideas, Hang W/ 2.0 still allows users the same 3-minute broadcasts, as well as  the real-time commenting.  What makes Hang W/ 2.0 so much cooler is the ability to “buy” a longer broadcast spot (6- or 9-minutes broadcasts) using “coins.”  Not only can broadcasts be longer, but now, even more users have the potential to access the broadcasts, as well.  Hang W/ 2.0 also includes a new stream to facebook, which allows Facebook users to tune-in to their friends broadcasts and watch in real-time (or archived broadcasts) without needing the Hang W/ App.

According to Andrew Maltin, CEO of MEDL Mobile (the company behind Hang W/), with the release of version 2.0, they “intend to really push the limits of what’s possible with our streaming technology… By releasing stream to Facebook, along with longer broadcasts, we’ve made it easier for our users to capture and share live moments outside of Hang w/  – and we’ve made it easier for those moments to go viral.”

Hang Menu

Other notable features of version 2.0 include:

  • improved video and audio quality
  • #hashtags to allow for custom content channels and deeper Twitter integration
  • simplified archives for easier access
  • a new robust moderation/monitoring platform and user privacy controls
  • extensive integration of iOS7 functionality
  • Cool new Blue icon and color scheme (because, why not have another blue app?)

Hang W/ 2.0 for iPhone is available now in the App Store (iOS 7 is required for version 2.0).

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