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Macy’s and Shopkick Team Up in First Retail Use of iBeacons

Macy’s and Shopkick Team Up in First Retail Use of iBeacons

The Macy’s department store chain and shopping app Shopkick are teaming to deliver the first retail-based iBeacons that will allow customers to find location-based recommendations, deal, and discounts using the Shopkick app while shopping in Macy’s stores located in Herald Square, New York and Union Square, San Francisco.


Apple’s iBeacon microlocation APIs, first introduced at WWDC, are designed to access location data through the Bluetooth Low Energy profile on iOS devices, interacting with physical transmitters.

Upon entering Macy’s shopBeacon will remind users to open their Shopkick app, and will deliver personalized notifications as they walk through the store. Shoppers do have to opt-in before this takes place.

The Shopkick app, working with the shopBeacons, will welcome shoppers when they enter a store, and offer targeted deals and recommendations. The Shopkick app does not have to be open for customers to receive the notifications.

At-home shopping can also be tied into the app, for example, if a customer “likes” a specific product online, shopBeacon can remind them when they enter a store that Macy’s sells that item. It can also deliver department specific offers throughout the store.

Apple is reportedly integrating iBeacon technology into its own stores and Apple Store app, in order to provide customers with enhanced information on products and in-store events and services.

Macy’s Shopkick/shopBeacon technology is set to go live in a few weeks, following a closed beta testing period.

The Shopkick app is available FREE in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]