Apple Seeds iOS 7.1 Beta 2 to Developers

Apple Seeds iOS 7.1 Beta 2 to Developers

After what has seemed like an eternity since the first iOS 7.1 beta (nearly 4 weeks – an unusually long span in the iOS beta release timeframe), Apple has finally released the second beta of iOS 7.1 to developers. The first beta included a number of bug fixes, a new Yahoo logo, fixes for some connection issues.

ios 7 beta 2

It’s unclear exactly what has changed in the new build, but it is likely just a refinement of the changes made in the initial beta. The update is available immediately for paid developers through Apple’s iOS Developer Center. New builds of Xcode and the Apple TV Software Beta are also available.

 Update: The new build is now also available as an over-the-air update on devices running iOS 7.1 beta 1. Go get it, devs!