Google Launches Chrome Apps for Any Mac Running Chrome

Google Launches Chrome Apps for Any Mac Running Chrome

Google has announced that their desktop Chrome Apps are now available for Macs that are running the Chrome browser. These apps run separately from the Chrome browser, and can run locally with no internet connection.


Google Chrome Blog:

Chrome Apps work offline, update automatically and sync to any computer where you’re signed into Chrome, so you can pick up where you left off. Your Chrome Apps on Mac behave and feel just like native software. For example, you can find your Chrome Apps in the Applications folder on the Dock. Search for apps by name in the Spotlight search—just like any other Mac program that you already use. 

The Chrome Apps are available in the “For your desktop” collection in the Chrome Web Store. In an effort to make it easier to launch any Chrome Apps you install, Google has also created The Chrome App Launcher. The Launcher will appear in your Dock after you download your first Chrome App.

Chrome Apps are available in the Chrome Web Store.

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