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Kickstarter of the Week: foaster – The Best Dock Since Sliced Bread – For the iPhone 5S, 5C, 5

Kickstarter of the Week: foaster – The Best Dock Since Sliced Bread – For the iPhone 5S, 5C, 5

In this business, I thought I had seen every kind of dock there is, mini docks, maxi dock, multi-docks… But now, this weeks Kickstarter is a type of dock you just don’t see every day, a toaster dock! Introducing the foaster – The best dock since sliced bread. And maybe bagels too.

From the foaster Kickstarter site:

Our research found that the kitchen is one of the most common places for overnight iPhone charging. Two iPhone household? foaster has you covered. foaster lets you charge two iPhones at once- all in a small and attractive package that fits right in next to your Breville, Cuisinart, or Kitchenaid.


The foaster is available in four color combinations: (white or black body) x (silver or champagne gold aluminum trim).


The foaster is designed to make it easy to insert your phone into one of the slots to begin charging. The size of the slots has been optimized based on extensive study of dimensions of “bare” iPhones, as well as “standard-sized” cases. (So, if you have an Otterbox, or any of the other cases that are designed to take a direct nuclear hit and keep on ticking, this charger isn’t for you.)

When it’s time to remove you iPhone from the charger, you can grab it with one hand, while you balance your briefcase, purse, iPad, and your favorite set of juggling pins in your other.


foaster eliminates cord spaghetti. foaster has 3 foot long cables, but its design allows unused cord to be stored inside the foaster, leaving only enough cord exposed to reach the nearest outlet.

foaster’s design allows you to still see incoming phonecalls, messages, texts, reminders, and alerts as they occur.

foaster has two MFI-certified Lightning connectors and USB cables built right into it. This will free up your other Lighting cables for use elsewhere.


Pledges for the foaster project start at $1, for the every popular “Thanks-a-lot” nod, all the way up to the $89 or more “fo, fo, fo, Merry Christmas SPECIAL!” level that will include a gift card to let the recipient know that they’ll be receiving a nifty foaster upon its release. The sweet spot for most folks will probably be the $79/$89 levels which will get you the foaster in your choice of color combinations.

If the foaster sounds like something you’d like to see on your kitchen counter, right there next to your Ninja Blender, be sure to visit the foaster Kickstarter site and check it out.

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