Review: CableDrop Mini and Rolio – Cable Management Gets Better

Review: CableDrop Mini and Rolio – Cable Management Gets Better

I’ve never been one to call myself a “neat-freak” or anything similar, but I’ve also never been a fan of clutter – especially on my desk or in my backpack.  The two biggest culprits of a messy desk, in my mind, are papers and wires.  By the time you have a computer setup on a desk, you can end up with 4 or 5 cables strung about – keyboard, mouse, monitor, power, etc. – and that doesn’t even factor for the iPhone and iPad cords draped over the edge.  Sharing in my distaste for a messy workspace, Bluelounge is always working to provide simple solutions to manage your technological tethers.

CableDrop Mini: [rating: 5]

Nothing is more annoying than sitting down at your desk, reaching for your iPhone’s power cord, only to watch it slip off the edge and into the unknown behind your workstation just moments before your able to snag it.  And while, yes, you could set something on top of it, or tape it down, neither of those are ideal solutions – especially not when you have a couple CableDrop minis to save your tail.


The CableDrop minis are simple, penny-sized holders you can stick on almost any solid surface.  With a simple padded adhesive on the bottom, and a durable rubber hand on the top, these are an ideal cable management solution for keeping cords from slipping over the edge and keeping all your wires in a bunch (without bunching your wires).

Nearly 1/3 smaller than the original CableDrops, and available in both black or white, the CableDrop minis are perfect for medium to small cables (like your Lightning cable, MagSafe cable, etc.) and discrete locations (on the side of your nightstand, in the car, or under a desk). Not only that, but they can also be affixed to the back of you monitor or computer as a guide for cables or to keep your connector right where you need it.


At only $9.95 per pack, both the original CableDrops (6-pack) and the CableDrop minis (9-pack) are well worth the price to keep your cables from falling behind your desk, off the edge of your nightstand, and in your reach, without looking tacky or obtrusive.

Rolio: [rating: 4]

Being without juice in your iPhone is stressful.  Fumbling through your bag, trying to untangle your lightning cable from you external hard drive, headphones, and whatever else may ride with you only increases your stress as you quickly search for power. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to keep your iPhone’s power cord contained and tangle free (without the use of twist-ties or rubber bands)?  BlueLounge’s Rolio may well be the cable management solution to your woes.

Made of a hard plastic, the rolio is a simple “wheel” that servers both as cable management and as a dock for charging your iPhone.  By placing your Lightning connector in the top of the Rolio and then rolling (winding) the rest around, you are left with a compact, hassle free way to carry your lightning cable with you.  Things get better from here, just by adding the USB charging block that comes with every iPhone.  In the center of the Rolio is a perfectly sized port that the USB end can slide snugly in to.  On the other side, pop the USB into your charging block, and now the Rolio is a full fledged dock that can sit right at the outlet and keep your phone off the counter/desk/etc, much like the BlueLounge mini dock.


The 2-for-1 deal of cable management and dock, at a price of only $9.95, makes the Rolio a great solution for keeping your Lightning cable untangled and makes traveling and charging a breeze.  Check out the Rolio, compatible with the US, EU, and UK power adapters.

Both the CableDrop mini and the Rolio are available now on, as well as the rest of their entire line of of docks and cable management solutions.  Be sure to check out all they have to offer and see how you can de-clutter your desk.