Review: Dream Hidden Adventure – A Clever Puzzle-Based Seek and Find Game for iOS

Review: Dream Hidden Adventure – A Clever Puzzle-Based Seek and Find Game for iOS

At some point in almost all of our lives, we’ve played a seek and find game. Whether it was on the computer, in real life, or in those classic “I Spy” books , we’ve all looked for something hidden in a picture or looked in every corner of our house trying to find our keys.  “Dream: Hidden Adventure” for iOS takes that same natural seek-and-find idea and turns it into a whimsical game for your handheld devices.


Dream: Hidden Adventure (free in the App Store) is a universal app with a creative theme of helping save the characters of your dreams (Dreamerians) from losing their homes.  By searching for various objects in each scene, you assist various characters find what they’re looking for.


As you play, you are walked through each characters story and asked to help them find whatever they need. Then, you are tasked with using your keen eye sight to find each item before time expires.  As you progress, you are given various artifacts that can be used in helping you find what you need.

The concept of Dream is definitely nice, but in my playing to the game, I noticed that it was extremely difficult to play well on my iPhone.  Since each scene is essentially a static image in the background with items overlaid in shadows or blending into the scene, it is exceptionally challenging to see all the finer details and find what you’re looking for (on multiple occasions, the ability to pinch-and-zoom, even a little, would have made a world of difference).


With several dream islands, full of dreams and nightmares, “Dream: Hidden Adventure” is the first game I’ve seen on the market to really combine the appeal of an adventure type game with the simplicity of a seek-and-find game we all know and love.  Unfortunately for me, I felt like the lack of actual adventure game made the title, (and App Store screen shots), a little misleading.

Verdict: [rating: 3]

“Dream: Hidden Adventure” is a unique and different type of game for iOS devices.  Helping to meld keen eyes and attention to detail, seek-and-find games are certainly an enjoyable game for most ages.  Due to the large amounts of game time spent reading character’s “stories” and the general lack of excitement (at 300mb, they could at least have some cut scenes or narration included), the game loses it’s appeal quickly.



  • Fun concept
  • Good imagery


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Large amounts of reading (more story than gameplay at times)

If you’re a fan of seek-and-find type games, and have an iPad, “Dream: Hidden Adventure” is a decent, free option to check out in the App Store.

*The above review was commissioned by the developer in accordance with our app review policy, and has been written in an objective, unbiased fashion.