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  • Review: Pelican ProGear CE1150 Case for the iPhone 5/5s – Tough Protection Without a Lot of Bulk

Review: Pelican ProGear CE1150 Case for the iPhone 5/5s – Tough Protection Without a Lot of Bulk

Review: Pelican ProGear CE1150 Case for the iPhone 5/5s – Tough Protection Without a Lot of Bulk

If you’re like me, you drop your iPhone on a regular basis. You need a case that will take a drop to a concrete floor, and keep your iPhone protected from damage. Enter the Pelican ProGear Protector Series CE1150 case for the iPhone 5/5s.



The Pelican ProGear Protector Series CE1150 case is designed to protect your iPhone 5/5s from drops with two levels of protection: a tough chamfer design on the outside and a soft elastomeric lining on the inside that deflects energy and cushions your iPhone.

The two-piece snap on design of the case allows you to easily install or remove your iPhone 5/5s from the case.

I found the case easy to install, and felt that my iPhone was well protected, without being encased inside a bulky case that was tough to slip in and out of my jeans pockets. While some cases are tough to get in and out of your pants pockets, I was easily able to get my iPhone out of my pockets, even while sitting in my car.

The case protects the device quite well, protecting it from the numerous drops and slips I subject my phone to in daily use.

The sleep switch and volume buttons are covered by the case, but are easily operated through the flexible material. The ringer mute switch may be tough to access for some users, as the switch is recessed in the case. Users with bigger fingers may find it tough to operate the ringer switch, but I, with my average sized fingers, was able to easily access the switch.

The Lightning and headphone ports were both easily accessible, and didn’t require an adapter for either Apple branded, or third-party cables.


The case does not cover the face of the iPhone, so while having the disadvantage of an unprotected screen, it does give unfettered access to the Home Button, so the case doesn’t interfere with the operation of the Touch ID sensor.


If you’re looking for a case that will protect your iPhone 5 or 5s with a minimum of bulk, and will still efficiently protect your device from the daily slips and drops of life, the Pelican ProGear CE1150 Case warrants a close look.

The design of the CE1150 yields an easy to install, yet protective case for the iPhone 5/5s. While you may find cheaper cases of this type, you will not find one of its type that will protect your precious device any better.


Price: MSRP is $39.95, available at the Pelican website, or is also available for $35.95 at Amazon.com.


  • Lightweight, not as much added bulk as some cases of this type.
  • Protects from drops onto hard surfaces. Mine has hit the concrete three times during testing. No damage to the iPhone or the case.
  • Snap on design makes the case easy to install or remove, but stays in place upon impact.


  • Doesn’t protect the screen from scratches. However, screen protectors are readily available from other vendors to protect against such damage.
  • The ringer switch is recessed when the case is installed. This could be a problem for users with larger fingers.